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Search Engine Optimization which is most popularly known by its abbreviation SEO is the method by which digital marketers increase the number of visits to a particular website. The traffic generated by any SEO optimized website is known as organic traffic. Organic traffic is the type of traffic for which the website owner or the digital marketer did not pay any money. The method of successfully optimizing the whole website or a particular section of a website involves a number of steps which are as mentioned below-

Keyword Research Keyword Research is the first step taken by digital marketers to make a website SEO friendly. In this process, the SEO company uses keyword research tools such as Google Keyword planner and SEMrush to find niche specific keywords. Out of the thousands of keywords available the SEO service provider sorts out the top 5 or top 10 keywords which are ideal to the niche.

Inserting the keywords After the successful research of relevant keywords, the digital marketer now needs to insert these keywords at strategic locations all across the website. The keywords are usually inserted in the web content, which is the text present on the website. It is necessary to scatter the keywords at strategic locations across the web content so that search engine regulations are not violated.

Preparing Meta Description The meta description is a short description of approximately 35 to 40 words. This description directly appears in the search engine result when the user searches for the keyword. It is necessary to prepare a meta description which has keywords in it because this is the segment of text the user will first read. It should be created in such a manner so that the user clearly understands what the content is all about.

Why is SEO necessary?
In this age of digitization when every company is fighting for the audience’s attention, it is necessary for any website to stand out from the crowd and SEO helps to do that. If done correctly, it has been proved that SEO can contribute more than 60% of a website’s traffic.

SEO marketing if done correctly can set your website apart among a bunch of another website. SEO guarantees more organic traffic, which in turn means more potential customers are visiting your website. In order to do SEO correctly, you need an expert and who can better assist you than an SEO agency in Mumbai.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a crucial part of your online success, and therefore you should leave it to the experts.

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One of the newest trends in the marketing world, content marketing is an effective and economical way to get your business off the ground.

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With over 5 years of expertise, we are the go-to experts for all your SMO efforts.

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Buffalo Crend Tours is a brand-new business that Mainstreethost branded from the ground up. We designed their logo and website, and do some blogging for them, to boot.



Buffalo Crend Tours is a brand-new business that Mainstreethost branded from the ground up. We designed their logo and website, and do some blogging for them, to boot.


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