• android studio tutorial for biggeners

    in  2012  Google announced Android Studio is official IDE for Develop android Application, it was developed by JetBrains, Android Studio we can use in Any popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, Apple ..etc
    Android Studio provided so many features to develop android apps to very fast and easy, Android studio works with griddle based build system,
    Android Studio Features, this environment supports all type of android application Development like Android Mobile, Tabs, watch and android smart tv
    Emulator :
     Android studio downloads with Emulator, it very useful for the test any type of device, we can run and check android application using this emulator, this emulator provides mobile, watch and tv etc type of supports.
    Instant Run:
    an instant run is most useful for pushing a quick change to the application, it helps to check updated code result without installing again
    it saves a lot of build time
    GitHub support: 
    we can configure Git in an android studio, this is very helpful for push and pull the latest code using a repository, and we can create a new repository from an android studio.
    Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform:
    it helps you, easy to integrate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine etc.

    How to install :

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