Angular tutorial for beginners from version 2 to 10

Angular tutorial for beginners from version 2 to 10

Angular Beginners tutorial from  { version 2 to 10 }

Angular was introduced by Google, within a short time  it became very famous, 90% of all companies using angular 

Why Angular 

1. Big support from Google: Angular was introduced by Google, and Google promotes there products all over the world, and 90% of companies already using Google products, and Google provides continuous support for Angular.
2.Open Source: Angular is Open source, so a lot of IT companies are interested to Use open-source always because reduced project cost, Angular is free for everyone so we can easy to use this technology.
3.TypeScript: Typescript is an advanced version of javascript we can easy to learn and understand, it reduces the time for learning things and bug fixing 
4.Declarative UI: Angular always uses HTML for Declarative so each web developer also a familiar with HTML 
5.Pojo : Angular  no need any getter or setter we can use JSON object response 
6.Easy Testing: we can test angular application very easy and we each component default with test classes 
7.State management: we can manage application state very easy and navigations 
8.MVC: it is a very simple MVC pattern developer easy to understand any project very easy 

Angular Tutorial for Beginners from version 2 to 10

1. Initial setup: Install and setup Environment for Angular application development.
3.Components: Create Components manually and create a component from terminal
4.Interpolation:  get values from  (.ts) file and numeric valuation addition subtraction etc
5.Event Binding:
6.Class binding :
7.Event Binding :
8.Style binding :
9.Directives :
10.Pipes :
11.Forms :
12.reactive forms:
13.Http service: