First angular 9 project and run in windows

First angular 9 project and run in windows

Hi Folks, 

This Blogpost  i am covering Creating Angular Application from Terminal and running in a windows environment 

Youtube video Link : Create an angular project 

Step 1:

Open Windows Command prompt  check current version  "using ng version"

Step 2: 

Create a project using "ng new project_name"
Command => ng new hello_world

Step 3 :

it asks for Routing now we chuse NO 

Step 4 : 

Select template 

Step 5 :

starts project file creation it takes 1 to 5 minutes 

Step 6 : 

yes ! projected created successfully now we can run it 

wow our project is ready now we can ready to run application 

Step 6 :

=> command for Run Application "ng serve " or "ng serve -o" after navigation to project folder 

Step 7:

Now it asks for analytics we can say NO ! for it

Step 8: 

now it starts compiling 
we are done we can just past URL in browser 

we can open code vscode ide, this is the best ide for angular 

Thanks friends !!!